Grounded Cloud was created to help small companies transition their technology in support of planned growth.

Do you know where all your data is living? 
Are you taking advantage of the cloud?
Do you have a plan?
How vulnerable is your business?
Is your homegrown solution ready for the next phase?​
We are here to help you with these and many more questions.
We can fix it, we can help shape IT.  

Start-ups typically set up their computer infrastructure using the same approach they would for their home network.  At times this is sufficient, however eventually they face challenges due to unplanned growth, such as:
  • Loss of information due to accidents, theft, malice or employee turnover
  • Lack of backups
  • Lack of security
  • Confusion as to what data is used by whom and where it is
  • Loss of productivity due to inefficiencies and inadequate technology 
Grounded Cloud creates technology solutions in support of growth.
We are long term partners who help chart growth. Sometimes it may be beneficial to move towards a cloud based environment, or a solid, physical, grounded office based platform that may be sufficient for their needs.